The title says it all. I'm sick of stupid memes being on the front page 24/7 (accept for the taken one, that was gold). I would love to see more in depth posts. I for one came to this sub to get involved in the community. Memes and jokes are fine buy they shouldn't be the whole front page.

The front page needs more


Seeing fan art is always nice. Keep it up.

Deck guides-

If anyone wants to share fun or successful decks they should. People should give them feedback.

Meta discussions-

The state of the meta should be discusses often. People should share their opinion on it as well ways to counter it.

Balance suggestions-

This is not referring to rants about op cards. This should be in depth guides to buffing or nerfing certain cards as well as reasons why. People should be able to make these posts without being ignored or told to get good noob.

Shower thoughts-

Personal realizations are always thought provoking conversation starters.

Game improvement discussions-

Whether about clan features or aesthetic suggestions people should share and discuss their ideas on how to improve the game.

Help Posts-

People should be able make posts asking for deck help or game play tips without being ignored or cashed noobs.

That's about it guys. I'm just long time subscriber who is sick of memes ever day all day. I want your help in making this sub a fun interactive community. Nothing is wrong with a little humor but that's not this subs whole purpose. Feel free to upvote dank memes but also feel free to upvote or comment on good posts.

If you want to help make this community awesome follow these steps-

  1. Sort post by New not Hot. This is where you can find good posts and up vote ones that fit this criteria.

  2. Comment on good post and interact with people. Don't just lurk around and randomly upvote posts. Upvote early and often and discuss any and every thing.

  3. Lastly be careful with your down votes. Don't just down vote cause you dont agree. First discus the topic. If you still don't agree just Don't vote. Only down vote if you really really really disagree.

That's it folks. This sub has over 100,000 members. The front page shouldn't just be memes with a couple 100 up votes and a couple dozen comments. This is a huge community lets make the most of it.

As always PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your opinion on my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: Removed upvote reminder. It was inappropriate. Sorry.

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