Called out in trials for having ‘no skills’ multiple times.

As usual this weekend, after beating a few teams late card, despite being a 1.7 and never farmed,( I don't run stacked, I help friends and anyone in the clan who hasn't been flawless) I get invited to party and insulted for being sad, having no skills and also ironically I get called salty…..despite winning and not being salty. And subsequently get challenged to 1v1s.

I normally get around 1/2 of these every weekend, and I never start with any hostility, I always just say yo guys. They look for something to insult me on pathetically, eg, my gt, my accent or 'my skills'.

As usual the 1v1 comes, I adhere to all the peculiar rules they set, and let them pick the map. And not boasting, but I've never lost one of these challenges. In this weekends case winning 10/4 on private elim with enemy getting 1 non super kill.

It is these kind of players who must be a absolute nightmare to run with, so much tension and negativity helps no bodies game. They are nearly always LFG players or 2 friends and 1 LFG.

I can't express enough that if you are a nice chilled player, get involved with a like minded clan and remove all negativity from your team and friend list. You may think the salty friend who is really good helps you, but he is definitely holding you back.

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I only asked to inv to party so i could clarify the rules,as he said primary only. But then he didn't in 2 messages, so i went based on the 2 messages. Obviously he came back with the excuse that he said primary only. But to be fair he did 'concede' which is more than i expected.

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