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Hello everyone. I'm coming from the Soulsborne series of games, and in each of them, I mained some sort of magic-wielder. In Demons' Souls, I did everything that wasn't the faith-based stuff, in Dark Souls 1-3 I mained pyromancy, and in Bloodborne I mained a pure arcane build, that actually mainly made use of the tools (spells). Naturally, in Nioh, I'm playing an Onmyo mage. Waiting for the day when I find that elusive change to attack (magic) inheritable on a weapon, but in the meantime, I'm doing my best to play as "mage-like" as possible. I have a lot of shot talismans, and a lot of guardian spirit talismans, and most of my levels have gone into my magic stat.

The trouble is, I think I'm seriously lacking in understanding of the games actual mechanics. In the aforementioned games, I could tell you the formulas from memory regarding things like weapon buffs and AR scaling. In Nioh, I'm not even sure what half of these stats do, let alone things like good soft caps to stop leveling a certain stat. Right now, my magic stat is at 59, but I've been diverting some resources to level other stats to do the dojo missions. I think the magic stat also makes it easier to apply debuffs, in addition to dealing extra damage from weapon buff talismans and the shot talismans, but I don't know. I think the "bonus Onmyo magic damage (A) ability on that set of dual swords I got where the description calls them Taoist swords raises my weapon damage based on my Onmyo magic power (not magic) stat, but I don't know. If someone knows all the details regarding what the magic stat actually does, the hidden ways in which it affects parameters, I am in desperate need of that enlightenment.

As for weapons, I've just been using a sword and dual swords because I think they're cool, and picking the highest-damage weapons from those as they drop, but I have no idea what weapons are actually good for an Onmyo mage. I kind of figured I want a change to attack (magic) ability, but I know enough to know that that's kind of like hunting down a unicorn. Beyond just the inheritable ability, what weapon class should I be using as an Onmyo mage?

Should I carry more weapon buff talismans, or more shot talismans? I've been using a lot of shot talismans because I really enjoy standing back and blasting. I've also been able to make good use of guardian spirit talismans in that way as well.

I'm currently wearing armor that gives me magic to defense, but I still seem incredibly vulnerable to damage. I have over 2k hp and most things still two-shot me. I think, in total, my % damage reduction on armor is about 15, maybe a little more, but my defense is roughly 900. The armor that I wear is also giving me a blue mobility number, so I can zip around pretty good. Should I wear heavier armor?

I've got a lot of questions, and I'm trying to figure out an optimal Onmyo build before the patch hits. Thanks in advance.

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