Bug when recovering prologue items?



Well, I tried to write the title as spoiler-free as possible, but the gist of it is this: I've run into an odd bug when returning to B2's body at the factory post-prologue, and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into the same problem.


The first time I played through the prologue and into the City Ruins, I was able to recover everything I had obtained during the prologue (ore, crystals, materials, recovery items, etc) by returning to the factory and locating B2's prologue-corpse. I'm sure all of you have done this as well.


Being more comfortable with the combat (and not being very far into the game), I decided to start a brand new game and attempt the prologue all over again. My thinking was that I could do a better job at retaining more recovery modules, while also potentially finding more items/chests that I figured I had missed the first time (and I did, walking out of the prologue with ~20,000 in currency instead of the fraction I had obtained in my first attempt).


So, after starting a new game, going through the prologue (again) and arriving back at the City Ruins, I returned to the factory and looted prologue-B2's corpse. Except this time the only thing that I recovered (besides the weapon, of course) was the auto-heal chip. And that's it. No ore, crystals, materials, recovery items, etc.. nothing. They were just.. gone.




I'm pretty sure I've run into a bug (this is prior today's "patch", by the way), and I'm probably just going to end up restarting once again with the hopes of avoiding the problem this time around. I'm just wondering if anyone else ran into this particular problem (and maybe had some luck figuring out what causes it).

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