As a Year 1 player, playing now PvP is like eating a boiled steak.

It sure is a lot healthier than the grilled steak it used to be, but it has lost a lot of flavor. I miss the raw power our guns had in Y1, a time when you could go on an aggressive rampage with your primary, barely touching your special.

Sure some perks or guns were annoying (Shot Package, Final Round, 2-tap Thorn & "111" TLW, to name a few), but apart those disturbance playing PvP was fun and the players felt powerful. Just with missing your Thorn shot and firing into a wall you could scare the shit of your ennemy. Nowadays the Crucible is swarmed by legendaries with a generic firing sound and sidearms souding like freakin' waterpistols.

See that is one of the things Bungie nailed, the sound of the Exotics. When you 3-Tap a guy with Hawkmoon, it feels way better than 3-Tapping with an Eyasluna. Same gun design, same recoil, same TTK. But the feeling of that crisp firing sound is unmatched.

That is what I miss in Destiny, this sentiment of being a badass mofo' with badass guns. And seeing throughout the life of the game how theses guns have been nerfed and nerfed to the point that no one use any Exotic in PvP, that kinda bothers me in regards to the fun factor of Destiny 2.

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