Are devs even aware of the new unraidable design?

As many of you know. I wrote a post about the new unraidable design around 24 hours ago and it was top1 on this subreddit for around 24 hours. (See here)

For my surprise (not) no comment from a dev was on it. Just like every post about unraidable designs there's never a word from a dev on it. But when it's non important (or not that important) stuff comments from devs are all around.

My question is… Are devs even aware of what's going on? Are they not commenting on it cause they don't know wtf to do or cause they wanna keep it on the low until they fix it? Like I mentioned on my post from yesterday… It's getting boring to see these bases all over the place and people camping on them with thousands of gear and explosives knowing damn well they most likely won't lose it.

I'm not talking shit to devs. Don't get me wrong. I'm just trying to understand why they don't say shit about it to us. I thought this game was alpha (aha xd lmao rofl lol lel lul) so we could help you by communicating to you about what's right ad wrong. But it's a slap in the face every time we try to do so and we just get ignored.

Suggestions are either not read or completely ignored. We don't know how to help further. Do we have to abuse every bug or glitch so you actually do something about it?

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