Allied – The update, Thank you smite community.

This is such a weird thing to type up…..

I don't want to mess up my words but it's extremely hard to think straight. I asked allied's sister if this was okay to post and she gave me the ok so. David "allied" hance is no longer with us. As some of you know, I was his manager/editor but I was also one of his closest friends.

I was one of the only people to visit him in the hospital so I have seen his pain, his scars (his entire stomach was messed up due to constant surgeries), how he had to walk with a cane in his 20s. He didn't deserve to go through all that pain, to constantly be depressed. Even though he was one of the strongest guys out there, I'm glad he's no longer in pain.

Also, real quick I'll love to thank the smite community and this reddit. You guys rose 150k+ for this dude most of you never even met. Which helped a lot since he was in and out of the hospital for months. You guys also recently brought his shirt (which all money is going to his family don't worry). It went from around 6 sold to a whopping 1,024 in 24 hours. Insane.

Anyways, I don't want to make this an essay since I honestly can't even see straight. All I can say is, cherish life. It's truly a gift that everyone takes for granted. I was just with allied at our happiest in march getting flown out by amazon to play a game and in 2 months…gone. So please, take care of yourself. If not for you, for allied cause I know he would never want people to experience what he did.

PS: Regarding uploading his vods to his channel, tributes, etc. Stuff like that can wait until his family, his friends, and myself are done mourning.

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