A proposal for M+ adjustments.

TL;DR: Keys past 15+ should increase amount of loot instead of Ilvl, thus rewarding "skilled" players while keeping this new system.

I am not sure that this iteration of the M+ is going to stick due to the obvious backlash that is already receiving. Most solutions here suggests the ilvl should continue to rise past 15, but i think that most of us can all agree that ilvl inflation is not a viable option longterm. And so id like to share a different solution that is a compromise between not rushing the time and incentivizing running higher M+. The system currently proposed by blizzard in 7.2.5 is one where: A 1-15 M+ Key rewards 2 pieces of loot regardless of the timer and rewards the the players with 1 extra piece if completed within time. The change i would like to see made to this system is that for every 2 M+ lvls above 15 that a group can complete within the timer, they get 1 extra piece of loot. So in the new system: a group running are a 19+ HoV. If the group fails the key, they are rewarded with the standard 2 pieces of loot and a 18 key. However if they complete it within the timer they get 5 pieces of loot. IMO this will rewards "skilled" players with more loot for doing higher M+´s while removing some of the stress that casual players experience due to the timers. About me: I regularly run 10-13ish key for 3 chests as it is currently one the best way to farm gear. But my group also runs keys up to and around 20-21 when we are in the mood. Restonoob @ Ravencrest EU

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