A few observations from a player that took part in the testing

Hi Everyone, I did post a suggestions thread on this subreddit a few months back, and I've been playing Blackwake a little more again and here are a few things that I'd really like to see Implemented. If you are already thinking about it, please excuse me as I haven't really been up to date on Blackwake news for a while.

Bosun's call: I mentioned this point previously, but having a little whistle noise played during a sail change would be very cool.

Roles for sailors: On ships in the Age of Sail, everyone had a role. I personally think that if you were to have a 'role selection' screen, when you join the ship, that would solve problems in relation to people malingering above decks, or not fixing sails regularly. I propose that there be these ranks, although any variation would be better than no ranks: Gunner- Loads, Fires, et cetera. Comes out to fight when boarding or being boarded, but for the most part they concern themselves with firing at the Enemy. Carpenter- Repairs the Ship, and works Pumps. Could also work as powder monkeys. Seamen- Repair sails and also could serve the purpose of changing sails too, a mechanic that would be pretty awesome, making the Captain have to order his seamen to change the sails for him. I always think that the sails of ships in Blackwake look lonely, as people seldom have to go up there to do anything. These sailors also are the ones to operate Swivel Guns, which would solve the problem of gunners being led astray from their positions.# Marines- These guys are the real fighters- And could perhaps have bonuses concerning accuracy and melee. I think having a Marine contingient on ships would be a worthwhile concept.

A minor thing, I know, but perhaps you could call the thing that lights the cannons a 'linstock' instead of a lighter? It's a minor thing but it's just nicer to be more accurate.

Ropes on cannons, and having the ability to close gunports I think having ropes on cannons would look really cool, and it would make the 'push cannon' animation a lot nicer, too. The opening and closing of gunports although trivial would be a very nice touch

Having chase guns on the bow of the upper deck of the galleon: This would be a nice idea, as it would help to boost the use of chase guns, as on many servers I see captains completely forgetting about them. it might also give the room below the forecastle some more use, too.

Duels for captains who have the same amount of votes: This one speaks for itself. It could be a cool little mechanic and, if done correctly, wouldn't take much time. They could choose between pistols or swords, and fight it out on the top deck.

Having the stores of gunpowder in a lower deck, instead of up top

Having a better mechanic for climbing the rigging: I've often seen people fall off, through little fault of their own. Perhaps having an animation or a 'press E to start climbing' would sort this problem out.

Thanks. If I come up with some more possible alterations, or anyone else has any suggestions, please comment.

My previous thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackwakeGame/comments/5cmuu3/some_ideas_from_a_new_backer/

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