3 months into a barely alpha project….

and youve already taken 3 weeks off (Easter, GDC, PingPerfect debacle) you get Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off and yet the foundation for your game is crumbling beneath you. From 56k players to roughly 5-6k on peek hours and lows of 2k (and whose to say how many of those are actual Chinese hackers, sploiters.) Youve managed to release patches that break stuff that was fixed last week and when you try to distribute a hotfix to fix the patch, you manage to break even more content. Youve released Trebs which is useless and a dungeon, weapons thats lackluster at best….and now the next so called "Big" update is emotes? Wtf are you even doing with this game? Its already becoming a steaming pile of shit and sure as hell doesnt feel like youve pumped 10 million dollars back into development! Maybe 10 mill in going to the strip clubs and beer fund! This game feels like its being made by two college students in a dorm as a class project! You are throwing content on top of a broken foundation and you think you are going to be able to fix that before release next year? Youll be lucky if you can keep from throwing the engine out completely and have to rewrite the game at this point! Wtf are you guys even thinking? This team is lazy, incompetent and the worse management I have ever seen! Im surprised no has started a petition to be refunded their money yet! And if thats not bad enough, Steam forums has a LOT of angry customers who are now being confronted by shill level 0 steam accounts who have nothing but Funcom titles in them….if you are going to atleast try to be clever about hyping your own steaming pile of shit up, atleast cover up the tracks left behind by the morons who have created account to shill your propaganda. Steam moderators do not moderate by rule but by biased opinion and have baited a lot of people voicing their opinion by banning them! Get your shit together and start getting this dog shit project back on track and start with fixing the foundation before cramming a shit ton of craptastic, lackluster content in, causing even more of a disaster!

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